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Investment Advisory

Petra Capital Management provides customized investment advisory and wealth management services to families, individuals and related institutions. We believe that maintaining standards of excellence in meeting the complex and sophisticated wealth management needs of our clients demands a spirit of partnership and hands-on participation best achieved by the client-centric culture of a smaller firm. We support and advance the goals of our clients through investment policy creation, asset allocation, investment management and financial planning. Our primary passion is developing deep relationships with our clients and working closely with them to fulfill their long-term financial objectives.

Highly Personalized Services

The origins of our clients’ wealth are as varied as their personalities and life experiences. Sometimes it’s a retirement nest egg, stock options, or a divorce settlement. Other times it’s the proceeds from the sale of a business or an inheritance. We must understand our clients - their circumstances, needs, concerns, and dreams. We plan and strategize together over issues like estate planning, taxes, charitable activities and decisions related to non-marketable and family-owned businesses. Whatever the situation, Petra Capital Management provides investment services tailored to the circumstances of each client.

Preserving Clients’ Wealth

We strongly believe that our duty is to protect and grow our clients’ wealth. These two are not conflicting goals. By buying a few great businesses only when prices afford us a margin of safety - and high-quality, fixed-income securities when they do not - we are able to minimize the risk of permanent capital losses while enjoying the benefits of owning profitable, growing enterprises.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

While we work closely with clients to arrive at long-term targets for their equity allocation based on their risk tolerance and personal financial objectives, we believe that the level of equity ownership should be driven by the opportunities available in the markets. This is in contrast to most financial practitioners who maintain static asset allocations, regardless of relative attractiveness. If we cannot find worthy investment ideas, we will purchase short-term fixed-income securities.


A foundational principle at Petra Capital Management is the maintenance of confidentiality regarding our clients. We have built safeguards into all of our policies. For instance, you will never hear us referring to other clients by name or discussing their business affairs, nor will you see evidence of accounts or account balances left unattended.